Top 3 reasons to start learning a musical instrument TODAY

learning to play an instrument

It’s never too late to start learning a musical instrument.

There are way too many benefits to learning music at any age. So stop lazying around and start playing 🙂

Here are the top 3 reasons to learning a new instrument :

1 ) It sharpens your concentration power and teaches you perseverance.

If you’ve been struggling to concentrate, loosing focus then you should certainly consider learning an instrument. Remember, you are not looking to become a maestro, just get started with an instrument of you choice and let the subtleties of music work its magic.

2) It fosters creativity, develops confidence and helps bring calm composure in your day to day life.

Music is all about creativity. So when you start to learn the mechanics of music then it opens up your creative spirit. Now, this hold true for any form of creativity, be it drawing, painting, photography and more, you get the gist. Starting the process of music learning is going to make you more creative in all the aspects of life.

3 ) It develops better coordination and fine motor skills.

There is enough scientific evidence showing that developing a musical skill improves brain function. This makes sense on so many levels. You are actively engaging your sensory network. Now this is from a purely intellectual standpoint. But music also has a profound effect on our heart. It triggers memories, deeper emotions and bring us in tune with our deeper self.

Music can be either a social or solitary activity, depending on instrument you decide to take up. For instance, instruments like the violin, cello or trumpet can be played with a band or ensemble whereas the piano requires a student to be comfortable spending stretches of time alone.

This helps music reach all sorts of people in this world. Some people like to spend time alone and playing an instrument like a piano or guitar can be perfect. You must have heard the saying “Music can be your best friend”. Well I think this is very true. Especially in a world filled with sorrow and uncertainty. Your time with your instrument can not only be therapeutic but sacred.

You can ward off loneliness in your old age. Enhance your overall well-being and bring true joy into your life.

These are just some of the reasons why picking up and learning to play an instrument is important at any age.

So do yourself a favour and invest in this great skill and let your creative spark shine bright.

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Rohit Bhusan has been pursuing the creative arts for a long time now. Currently, he is available for unique music production and video editing.

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