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Hello…My name is Rohit Bhusan and I’m the author of this blog.

I have been a creative professional for many years now.

After working as an Audio Engineer at a recording studio for a few years I started composing music for short films, documentaries, a few adverts… you get the gist 🙂

Alongside music I am very passionate about photography, digital art, videography and video editing.

I dabble in these forms of creative expressions all the time.

So what is this blog all about ? You might be asking…

Well, this is my virtual creativity den 🙂

I will share my work, my insights on the process of creativity, my favourite artists, gear and more…

So I hope you’ll stick around, browse through the different pages and keep coming back for more.

You are most welcome.

My music can be steamed online by following this link – InternalEye

Enjoy 🙂